RAKEM’S Managing Director has been granted a fellowship by the Royal Society of Chemistry for his dedication and outstanding contribution to the chemical sciences industry.

Kevin Rafferty, who first started out with a job in the bread making industry, went on to embrace a career in the world of chemicals when he started with us, twenty years ago.

During his time here at Rakem, Kevin has gone on to work with our partners in their laboratories around the world, developing new products and exploring novel ways increasing production efficiency by pre-dispersing raw materials.

MD, Kevin complemented his Batchelor’s Degree with a MSc in printing and coating technology. His final thesis looked at the interaction of Inkjet inks and Paper coating. Speaking of his exceptional achievement Kevin said that his hopes are to welcome and inspire future scientists.

Mr Rafferty said: “I am very proud to achieve this status, Rakem is committed to supporting these essential associations.

“It provides a forum to discuss the pressing issues of the day such as material availability and quality.

“More importantly it offers the chance to educate and inspire the next generation to become interested in the Sciences which is vital for our future economic success.”

Mr Rafferty received the fellowship, and joins those from around the world who also have the status which is only granted because they have; made an outstanding contribution to the advancement of the chemical sciences; or to the advancement of the chemical sciences as a profession; or have been distinguished in the management of a chemical sciences organization.

The Royal Society of Chemistry is an amalgam of four bodies that can trace its history back to 1841, when 77 scientists – including doctors, academics, manufacturers and entrepreneurs – formed the Chemical Society of London, with dialysis inventor Thomas Graham as their first President.

Seven years later Queen Victoria granted a Royal Charter to the Society, confirming its purpose of ‘the general advancement of Chemical Science’.

It is closely linked with the Oil and Colour Chemist Association which Kevin Rafferty is a very active member.