It’s official – we are now part of ‘Britain’s most visible and colourful industry.’
That’s because Maker Industrial recently joined the British Coatings Federation and here’s our certificate to prove it!
The team here at Maker are pleased to announce that we are part of this alliance which goes hand in hand with our high standards and customer satisfaction.

The British Coatings Federation is the representative body for the UK’s £2.8 billion-a-year paint, printing ink, powder coating and wallcovering manufacturing industries and has some well-established names on board.

As Maker Industrial joins BCF, MD Kieran Rafferty says that the benefits of joining were not only for The Rakem Group but also for customers’ needs and satisfaction.
He said: “As an organisation BCF has always had the highest standards within the Coatings industry.
“With Maker Industrial and The Rakem Group in general we are working with partners across the UK and beyond to combine our knowledge and be as innovative as possible.

“Being part of BCF enables us to receive the relevant industry-related support and much much more. That will always be beneficial to us but most importantly it will be highly beneficial to our customers.”

The main advantages of being in the BCF ranges from a guidance on health, safety and environmental matters, to having an opportunity to influence UK and European legislation.
In order to be eligible as a full member, each company must manufacture surface coatings, inks or wallcoverings in the UK or manufacture overseas and sell surface coatings, inks or wallcoverings in the UK.

In total the Federation has over 150 companies in membership.
Mr Rafferty added: “BCF has some fantastic members and we are proud to be joining some world-class companies within this established federation.”